Frequently Asked Questions about Frenchie Box!

What is Frenchie Box? Frenchie Box is a monthly subscription box that will bring an exciting array of treats, toys, and other Frenchie stuff to you and your Frenchie. The items in each box are hand-selected for you by Frenchie owners after we confirm that they delight us and our precious Frenchies.   

What will be included in each Frenchie Box? Each month we will put together a unique package containing 5-9 quality handpicked items that we can’t wait to share with you and your Frenchie. Your Frenchie Box may include packaged treats, chews, plushies, toys, accessories, Frenchie-themed products, and other items. We work hard to assemble fantastic packages that will bring you and your Frenchie the perfect gifts to provide endless hours of enjoyment!  

How does Frenchie Box work? You can sign up to start receiving your monthly Frenchie Box by clicking Join Now in the top menu to start your order. Your plan will renew automatically to help your Frenchie discover the latest and greatest products.   

Can I give Frenchie Box as a gift to a Frenchie lover I know? Absolutely! Frenchie Boxes make a great gift for your Frenchie-loving friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances. You can send a Frenchie Box gift subscription of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. If you don't wish for your gift to renew, you can simply cancel the renewal right after you place the order.  The recipient will still get the amount of boxes ordered, but the gift subscription will not renew!   

Where does Frenchie Box ship? We can ship your Frenchie Boxes to anywhere in the world! Shipping to addresses in the USA is $5 per box. International shipping is $25 per box.    

When will my Frenchie Box be shipped? Your first box will be shipped within 3 business days of your order. After your first month, we will ship Frenchie Boxes between the 26-28th, and your Frenchie Box should arrive within 2-4 business days. In December, we ship boxes early (around December 10th) to arrive in time for the holidays. Orders placed after December 10th will be shipped within 3 business days.   

When will I be billed for my Frenchie Boxes? You will be billed the full amount for the plan you have selected at the time you place your order. Your plan will be renewed to keep the fun coming to your Frenchie on the 5th of the month after the final delivery of your plan. This means if you sign up for our three month plan in February, you will be billed on the 5th of May for your next three months of Frenchie Box.

What are my Frenchie Box payment options? You can pay by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express to pamper your Frenchie with a Frenchie Box subscription.   

How do I change my subscription? To change your subscription plan or cancel your subscription, log in to your account before your subscription renews (on the 5th of each month) to make any adjustments.   

Are Frenchie Boxes a good choice for Frenchies with allergies? We are working on putting together a special box for Frenchies with allergies and other health considerations. Email us at to let us know what you and your Frenchie would love to see in a new Frenchie Box for those with specialized diets.