Pamper your Frenchie with a Frenchie Box today!

Frenchie box is a monthly box of treats, toys, and Frenchie stuff for you and your Frenchie! 

How FrenchieBox Works

FrenchieBox helps you and your Frenchie enjoy more great moments together.

Bringing people closer to their Frenchies is what we strive for, and we want to give you everything you need to make it happen. When you sign up for FrenchieBox, you and your Frenchie can celebrate the arrival of a monthly box of exciting surprises. Watch those paws tap and hear your Frenchie snort with joy as you unbox your new treasures!

FrenchieBoxes are full of tasty treats, fantastic toys, and other great products that are hand-selected to please Frenchies and Frenchie parents alike! We include a fun Frenchie-themed gift for you in every box, and each box is built around a different theme to provide a new adventure for you and your Frenchie. 

Step 1

Decide which FrenchieBox is best for you and your Frenchie. 

Step 2

Tell us about your Frenchie so we can craft the perfect experience every month.  

Step 3

Receive your FrenchieBox each month at your doorstep, and let the fun begin!

Easy to order

You're just a few clicks away from getting a monthly box of fun delivered right to your door!

Always on time

Your first box will ship in 3 business days from ordering. We ship Frenchie Boxes monthly between the 24-28th. 

Choose Your Plan

You can choose the monthly plan that's best for you and your Frenchie. You can update your plan any time.

Share the Fun!

Once you place your order, prepare to share more memorable moments with your fantastic Frenchie!

Take a look inside Frenchie Box!  

  Each month we strive to find the best fun toys, healthy snacks, and Frenchie stuff to share with you and your Frenchie. We're always searching for the best of the best, so if you have any suggestions, just let us know. Here is an example of what's included.